Monday, August 06, 2007

Interim Board Meeting Minutes

The Interim Founding Board has been meeting to work on the charter and making FPNA an "official" organization. They met last Tuesday; meeting minutes follow:

Minutes of meeting 7/31/07 of Fort Point Neighborhood Alliance “Interim Board”

Linda Lukas, Suresh Madhu, Dan Osterman, Jim Souza, Michael Tyrrell, Drew Volpe, Daniel van Ackere

Jay Higginbottom, Bill Meister, Cam Sawzin


a) Review charter
b) Elect “Interim Board” Moderator
c) Schedule next meeting w/ agenda

Meeting commenced at 7:15pm at 15 Sleeper Street, #502, Boston, MA, home of Linda Lukas.
Suresh offered to take the minutes. Siobhan O’Connor cannot continue as an Interim Board member to a family illness and job demands.
The minutes of 7/16/07 meeting were read and approved.

Per the minutes of 7/16/07, it was agreed that the minutes of each meeting will be sent to the full mailing list. Suresh offered to consolidate the mailing lists, since Drew has a list on yahoo groups, and there is another on the FPNA mailserv.

Regarding the use of the term “Interim Board”, Linda reported that she called the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Attorney General’s office, as noted in the minutes of 7/16/07, and an attorney advised that no one within the Attorney General’s office can give legal advice.

Therefore, even though the FPNA “Interim Board” will exist for only a couple of months until a Board of Directors is elected, it was agreed that a legal opinion is appropriate and the “Interim Board” will seek the advice of a private practice attorney. Drew and Mike will contact people they know who are affiliated with neighborhood associations (Broadway and Old Dover) and will report at the next meeting.

Drew Volpe was voted as FPNA “Interim Board” Moderator. Drew will moderate all meetings and serve in this leadership role until the Board of Directors is elected. Linda Lukas was asked to serve as “Secretary/Recorder” in taking and publishing minutes of meetings and all correspondence.

There was extensive discussion about FPNA “Interim Board” members meeting with neighborhood condominium boards to advise of FPNA activities and solicit input/feedback prior to the election of the FPNA Board of Directors. It was decided that FPNA “Interim Board” members can meet with neighborhood condominium boards, but the meetings cannot slow the process of ratifying the FPNA Charter and Bylaws and setting a date for the election of the Board of Directors.

Mike and Linda offered to meet with neighborhood condominium association boards, and will bring to the next “Interim Board” meeting a list of condominium associations and a time line for contacting each. They will report to the “Interim Board” the feedback that they receive from these meetings.

It was agreed that the next meeting will be on Monday, August 6th, 7pm at Linda Lukas’ loft at 15 Sleeper Street, #502, Boston. It was agreed that the 8/6/07 Meeting Agenda is: Ratify the FPNA Draft Charter and Bylaws, which are available on

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.


Suresh Madhu

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