Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It should be known that the beloved "Midway Cafe" , as is has been dubbed, is in jeopardy. This space has served as a meeting place for Midway residents and the neighborhood to gather and discuss important topics that effect us all.

Today's reality is that the "Cafe Space", as verbally described to prospective renters at Midway Studios is in danger of going the same route as the similarly described "Theater Space" and become a venue for private interest, not necessarily related to the local arts scene or neighborhood convenience.

We at Midway studios would like to see the Midway Cafe preserved as a true cafe space, preferable owned and run by local artists similar to the Chanel Cafe and open for neighborhood programming and small arts related activities such as gallery openings and coffee and small music venues.

The residents of Midway Studios are working in many avenues to try and achieve this however we are having a very difficult time getting real support from the owners. Currently without real action it is looking to me like this space will be rolled into the Artistry lease for the rest of the first floor for large for private for profit venues (weddings, corporate events) and could eventually be sold as permanent space to this effect. We at Midway find the prospect of this happening (especially given the mission of the owners) very disappointing.

If you are also concerned please contact the owners of the space and let them know your concerns. The owners are Fort Point Development Collaborative, A partnership of FPCC and Keen Development,, FPDC was established in April 2003 to foster the creation of the arts by developing permanent, affordable artist live/work space and cultural facilities in Boston's Fort Point neighborhood.

If you have a chance to visit the space please ponder the concept of it filled with strangers in black ties and dresses without regard or understanding of the neighborhood, versus filled with smells of coffee, nice lighting, some Greg Brown in the background and your neighbors and their artwork.

Thank you
Jay Higginbottom
Midway Studios Unit 316

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