Wednesday, January 03, 2007

liquor license and neighborhood impact

Recently several members of the neighborhood groups, SAND, FPAC, FPNA have expressed internal concern over the large number of new liquor licenses in the pipeline at Fort Point, and the possible impact on the neighborhood.
Amanda Simon, neighborhood liason for the Mayor's office has set up a meeting on Monday Jan 8th at 6:00 at Midway studios (15 Channel Center Street).

We all welcome evening activity to the area. but should be concerned that new uses are compatible with the character of the district. The recent party at Midway given for Boston Common magazine is a wake up call for everyone who lives here. This meeting is designed to create a constructive dialogue and new venues. liquor licenses will not be granted to those applying until concerns are addressed. Artistry, The new event venue at Midway, could be a valuable addition to the community if managed with consideration for residential abutters.

Below is part of a recent Boston Globe article:

"28 Degrees restaurant owners eye Southie location"

The men behind 28 Degrees, the hip South End lounge/restaurant that opened last year, are eyeing a new restaurant in South BostonĂ­s Fort Point Channel area. The owners, who include Carl Christian, Bill Emery and Mark Bombara, are considering the name Warehouse for the 275-seat space in an A Street warehouse building. Emery wouldn't elaborate on his plans, but he has a Jan. 10 Licensing Board hearing in hopes of securing one of BostonĂ­s 25 new all-alcohol licenses. The restaurant would have seating, a bar and kitchen on the ground floor and seating on the second floor, according to their application."

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