Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Upcoming Happenings About & Around The Neigborhood

 Upcoming Happenings 

6/22: Fort Point Festival & Arts Marketplace  will take place from 12pm to 8pm at A Street Park (135 A Street) in association with Alliaza Park Series beer garden pop-up..

6/24: CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS HEARING ON DOCKET #0990, FY25 BUDGET: PUBLIC TESTIMONY at 6pm. Docket #0990, disapproving the Annual Appropriation and Tax Order for FY2025, (Docket #0670), passed by the City Council on June 05, 2024.


6/26: Conservation Commission Meeting at 6pm. Seaport Parcel F & G for proposed soil borings, test pits, and installation of groundwater observation wells located at 85 Northern Ave

6/27: 15 Necco Neighborhood Open House from 10am to 12pm at the Touchdown Space in the lobby.

6/27: South Boston Transportation Action Plan (SBTAP) DRAFT Public Meeting at 6pm at the Tynan Elementary School Cafeteria, 650 East 4th Street.

7/8: CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AND TRANSPORTATION HEARING ON DOCKET #0357 at 10am to discuss the possibility of congestion pricing in Boston.

7/8: Summer Street Pilot Open House starts at 5pm with presentation and Q &A at 6:30pm at the Tynan School, 650 E S4th St.

7/9: CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS HEARING ON DOCKET #0925  at 10am to discuss an Ordinance that would provide a property tax exemption for commercial properties occupied by qualifying small businesses. 

7/9: CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AND TRANSPORTATION HEARING ON DOCKET #0303 at 2pm to review the rules and regulation of vehicles in relation to expansion of micro mobility access.

7/9: Boston Civic Design Commission Monthly Meeting at 5pm.  Sign up to receive agenda notifications.

7/11: Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park Flood Mitigation Planning & Feasibility Study Virtual Open House at 6pm to review study findings to date, explore how proposed resilience alignments and strategies in the RLFMP will help address current and future flooding risk this area of the South Boston Waterfront which protects port and critical infrastructure and other neighborhood assets, and to provide feedback on preferred alternatives.

Comment Deadlines & Certificates

6/21: Reserved Channel Master Plan Environmental Notification Form comments due to MEPA Analyst, Alexander Strysky. (extended from June 7)

6/21: Reserved Channel BPDA PNF comment deadline (extended from June 7)

7/3:  253 Summer/Lolita Chapter 91 amendment comment deadline   an after-the-fact conversion of extended seasonal outdoor patio & public passageway to the public dock and Harborwalk. Details available online by entering 23-WW03-0004-AMD in “Record ID” search field. Send comments to Frank Taormina. 

7/8: 232 A Street FEIR comments due to MEPA Analyst, Nicholas Perry. 

MMT Parcel 5 RLFMP NPC Certificate: EIR not required

originally published 06.21.24

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