Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Boston To Lift Indoor Mask Mandate Saturday

“Mayor Wu and Dr. Ojikutu have guided our City through the latest surge with steady hands and thoughtful, informed public health decisions,” said Manny Lopes, Chair of the Boston Board of Health. “Based on the data BPHC has presented, we feel confident in the recommendation to lift the masking order.”

While masks are no longer mandated in certain indoor settings, the Boston Public Health Commission recommends masking in these settings if you are at high risk for severe illness or if you will be around individuals who are. There are many people in Boston who are vulnerable to COVID-19, including individuals who are immunocompromised, seniors, and those who are unvaccinated, including young children. Wearing a well-fitting mask or respirator while indoors minimizes your risk of getting infected with COVID-19 and spreading it to others. Because masking offers a first line of defense when there is increased risk of COVID-19, a masking mandate may be reinstated if data show an increased risk of community transmission. Be sure to consider your specific situation and risk factors, such as those in your life who may be vulnerable, before going out without a mask.

The best way to protect yourself and loved ones is by getting vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19. While case numbers are down, the risk of severe illness remains. COVID-19 vaccines are available for all residents ages 5 and older, and widely available throughout Boston. For more information about where to find a vaccine, visit

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