Friday, February 02, 2018

GE Innovation Point Construction February 2018 Update

GE Innovation Point Construction Update – February 2018

·         The installation of drilled mini-piles to support the new elevator and stair cores inside the existing buildings are complete in the west building and will complete by February 9 in east building.
·         Selective demolition of the timber structure and floors in the center of the existing buildings are underway to make way for the new concrete elevator and stair cores.  The center of the west building has been opened up.

·         Concrete formwork, reinforcing and placement is beginning in the west building and will begin in the east building during February.
·         A crane will be on site periodically to support the structural modifications to the building.
·         Cutting and capping of existing utilities as well as installation of new utilities in Necco Ct. has begun.  Utility installation on Necco Ct. Extension, between Necco St. and A St., and on Necco St. will be conducted over the next two to three months.  GE is working closely with the owners of Necco Ct., Necco Ct. Extension and Necco St. to maintain access to loading docks and the buildings during installation.

·         Building electrical, mechanical and plumbing coordination is underway.

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