Wednesday, November 29, 2017

GE Innovation Point: December 2017 Update

The December construction update for GE Innovation Point is now available at and below for your reference. These updates will occur about monthly in frequency, or when there are major transitions in the construction process. As always, if you need to get in touch with the project team or would like to receive updates directly in your inbox, please contact GE at

Innovation Point Construction Update – December 2017

·         Temporary fire protection inside the buildings to support the construction has been completed.
·         Stormwater system installation across the site is complete, connecting the existing system in the Gillette parking lot to the brick buildings to allow connection of both area drains and roof drains.
·         The site trailers are being relocated and a portion of the Gillette parking lot will be returned to parking operations.
·         Abatement of windows containing asbestos material followed by temporary window installation will be completed in early December.
·         Abatement of roofing materials is underway and will continue as openings in the roof are required.
·         Temporary shoring, necessary to support the structure as it is opened up to receive the new construction is underway inside the buildings.
·         Ground floor existing slab on grade is being removed to prepare for the new first floor slab.
·         Pile installation inside the buildings and in between the buildings will begin in December in preparation for placement of the foundations for the new elevator and stair towers inside the building.
·         Selective demolition of the center of the building to make way for the new elevators and stairs will begin in December.
·         Utility installation from A Street to Necco St,, across Necco St., and in Necco Ct., will be performed over the next several months.

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