Thursday, August 04, 2016

10 Farnsworth Condo Construction To Begin

The construction of the residential condominiums coming to 10 Farnsworth (formerly known as 338 Congress) is scheduled to begin Saturday, August 6, 2016. 

Sea-Dar Construction will setup Jersey Barriers, detour pedestrians, and move the fence line out on Congress St (Saturday work to complete this activity was mandated by the city). By end of next week the site setup should be complete with isolated demolition, removal of asphalt and excavation. The following week pile drilling will start for about 4-6 weeks. Next stages will be excavation, foundations, and underground plumbing.

Please contact Sam Hawkins if you would like to receive construction updates such as utility work schedule for connections to be made in Farnsworth St and the passageway, and to be informed of any necessary road closures/detours.

Project Superintendent Mark Tedeschi will be on the site full time ( , 617-659-2565) or in case of emergency, you may call the Sea-Dar emergency line at 886-720-4576.

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