Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Massachusetts Conference for Women Traffic Advisory

The Massachusetts Conference for Women will be held December 10, 2015 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC). The Opening Kick-off is Wednesday evening December 9th.

It is highly anticipated that overflow parking is needed for this event.
  • Channel Center Garage will be the primary option for overflow parking
  • Seaport Garage will be the secondary option for overflow parking.
  • Maps and directions will be handed out to attendees sent to overflow
  • A complimentary shuttle will run between Channel Center Garage and the BCEC but not the Seaport Garage, which is within walking distance to the BCEC.
The Massachusetts Conference for Women is a very busy vehicular event. The MCCA Transportation Department will do the following to mitigate traffic around the BCEC and in the general region:

• Transportation agents will be on site to make sure vehicles do not impede other traffic on the driveways or stop at locations that will cause safety concerns for the passengers and/ or other motorists.

• The MCCA will continue to promote public transportation to attendees of this event by advertising on the BCEC plasma screens and distributing MBTA maps at the Information Booth.

• Transportation and parking attendants will temporarily shut down the valet operation if valet gets too busy.

• Portable variable message signs (PVMS) will be used to guide attendees quickly off the street and into our parking lot. Additional locations for PVMS signs will be placed around the BCEC including:
  • Cypher Street @ South Boston Bypass Road 
  • Richards Street @ Channel Street
  • Cypher Street @ D Street facing West
  • @ 420 D Street facing South
  •  D Street @ Summer Street facing South
  •  D Street @ Seaport Blvd facing South

The Boston Transportation Department will be assisting in manually controlling traffic. Police details will be hired to help pull traffic and provide for pedestrian safety.

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