Wednesday, April 23, 2014

City Councilors File Order to Rezone Entire South Boston Neighborhood

updated 4/25/14: hearing date.

Boston City Council President Bill Linehan and Councilor-At-Large Michael Flaherty file order for a hearing regarding the rezoning of South Boston in response to over development. Height, density, open space and parking issues are creating quality of life issues for South Boston residents. Infrastructure improvements in public transportation and parking lag behind.

The majority of the zoning laws for South Boston date back to 1964. Since then the neighborhood has undergone vast changes in population and demographics.

The pace of development require frequent community meetings, several weekly, burdening the residents of South Boston.

The Boston City Council will hold a hearing on May 22nd at 1 pm in the Iannella Chamber, 5th floor of City Hall to address the rezoning of South Boston. Representatives from the City of Boston, South Boston neighborhood associations and others are invited to attend.

Rezoning Order presented at Boston City Council Meeting.

Thomas Grillo's article, South Boston's two city councilors file measure to rezone the entire neighborhood, published in the Boston Business Journal on April 22, 2014. The Boston Business Journal is conducting a poll "Do you think they are on target?"

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