Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Channel Center Construction

At the community meeting this evening Commonwealth Ventures outlined their plans for the construction of 5,7,9 Channel Center. They will need to re-route Channel Center traffic at different points, but will keep access to all of the buildings. They plan on having construction vehicles will enter and exit on the far side (the entrance closest to Artists for Humanities), but don't own that whole street so are still finalizing that. Equipment and materials are going to be kept next the building on the side opposite Midway.

As residents who were living here in 2008 may remember, when they did the work on the building their office is in, they kept loud sandblasting equipment going on weekends and until past 7pm at night. They were able to get permits for this by claiming the work was indoors (as only the loud equipment was outside; the sandblasting was inside). This blog post from Christmas 2008 has more details.

For this project they will be doing similar sand blasting on the interiors, so will have similar equipment. They are going to try to schedule construction for 7AM - 3PM, but they couldn't guarantee that they would not work later or on weekends. As a reminder, if there problems with this or any construction work, city residents can always call Inspectional Services with issues: 617.635.1010.

Commonwealth Ventures is going to create a website and try to keep the community updated with progress and any issues / inconveniences that come up and welcomed input. It will also have timelines and plans.  They haven't finalized the URL for this new site.

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