Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Summary of Channel Center Mtgs

From Cam Sawzin:

There have been two Community meetings about this next phase of the
development of Channel Center. Below, a quick outline of some points

General positive feedback was expressed about the decision to preserve
the buildings slated for demolition at 5, 7 and 9 Channel Center Street
and that changes the location of parking. From what I understood, Iron
Street is now going to be where it is currently and the parking will be
about 20 feet further away. The park is larger which is great, and there
were many other related project changes discussed.

There was concern about how mitigation money would be spent because
there was some question about using this money for one project for all
of South Boston which was a surprise. The impact advisory group had
looked at social and cultural problems created by development and BRA
was negotiating a cooperation agreement with the developers. How much
money and how would it be spent is an issue. We are hoping for multiple
projects for Fort Point, which is most affected. We are lucky to have
such a committed and well informed IAG committee advocating for this

Permanent community/cultural space was expected by the community, but
which was not legally binding in the agreement and currently not being
offered. Concern was expressed that there was not enough room for
artists in the project and it was offered on the 2nd or third interior
to the block.

Parking pressure will be created by the projects and the btd mitigation
on Medallion Way behind Channel Center for resident parking is even
more important. Traffic safety is a current issue. There will be a
10,000 contribution towards installation of a conduit from A Melcher
Street signal to a future A Street Binford A Street signal as well as
other A Street improvements.

If anyone who attended the meeting has other comments, clarifications,
corrections and additions they would be most welcome!

Cam Sawzin

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