Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Studio Space for South Boston Yoga

South Boston Yoga moved into its new studio last month. We caught up with co-owner David Vendetti to get the scoop on the new space.

Who is South Boston Yoga?
South Boston Yoga is a diverse, hardcore fun and creative yoga collective dedicated to rockin' the Boston yoga scene.

Why did you decide to move?
Our lease was up and the decision came through that we either expand a little or make the leap to something unimaginable.

How did you choose the new space?
We choose the new space because it was raw and rough with stunning potential much like so many of us when we first start yoga.

What are some of the changes your new space has inspired?
With 4 yoga studios in one space we have been able to branch out and include Capoeira, Aerial Swings, Hot Yoga, Trance Dance, Afro Flow Yoga and Deep Tissue Massage. Plus now special events like our new years party can fit up to two hundred people.

Why did you choose the neighborhood?
We live in Southie and love it. The neighborhood is artistic and has a great downtown feel at the same time there are so many families and kids. Plus the Broadway T stop puts the studio only a stop away from South Station and seconds from 93 and the pike.

South Boston Yoga is located at 36 W. Broadway, directly across from the Red Line Broadway T Station and next to Teriyaki House. For the class schedule, click here.


  1. The first time I walked into South Boston Yoga I knew it was home. SBY is amazing - so many great teachers! Your body, mind and heart will surely be opened up, stretched out and expanded! Go and take a class. You will fall in love!

  2. Thanks for dreaming big David and Todd!

  3. When I think of a true yoga community, I think South Boston Yoga. Yeah, you can throw down your mat, take an amazing class and go about your day, but this is also a place where you can truly get involved and feel like you're part of something. Its a place to practice what it means to live a life of yoga off the mat. I feel at home there.


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