Friday, January 01, 2010

Fort Point in NYTimes

The NY Times has an article about the Boston waterfront which includes a section on Fort Point. 300 Summer, Flour, and Sportello are mentioned.

January 1, 2010
In Boston, Where Change Is in the Winter Air


You could spend all day at the museum, inside and out. But now that you’re here, you’ll also want to explore the evolving Fort Point Channel neighborhood, its streets lined with old industrial lofts and warehouse buildings that slowly are being reclaimed as commercial and residential space, with a few artists’ studios to give it a bohemian feel.

You can try Barbara Lynch’s newest restaurant, the popular, casual Sportello on Congress Street. At lunch and dinner its counter is abuzz with movers and shakers who walk over from the financial district. Ms. Lynch, who grew up in a South Boston housing project, is a chef goddess in this town. Around the corner is Flour, a bakery and cafe where you can order sandwiches, salads and homemade desserts.

There are still artists around, though not nearly as many as there used to be. You can stop in at the galleries at 300 Summer Street, and further down Summer Street at the Boston Convention Center is a show of local artists, including the gritty urban landscapes of Vincent Crotty. Eventually you’ll get back on the HarborWalk.

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