Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fort Point Walkthrough

Members of FPNA did a walkthrough of the neighborhood with Amanda Simon of the Mayor's office and two representatives from the police department. Topics included:

-Better lighting under the Summer Street bridge
-More frequently cleaning of A street and its sidewalks. Under the bridge will be steam-cleaned.
-Bigger tickets ($50?) for non-residents parking in resident spaces; current fine is not a deterrent.
-Tow cars parked in handicapped zones.
-Lights from the Gillette plant shine into residents' windows. They should be changed to point down onto Gillette's property rather than horizontal.
-The Post office maintenance facility and BCEC have bright lights on all night and these also shine directly into resident’s windows. Some sort of landscape or fence buffer could mitigate this problem.
-The USPS parking and maintenance facility fence is badly maintained and there is trash everywhere. The post office will be contacted again to further clean the parking lot.
-There were 4 abandoned cars that will be towed from behind Channel Center. The area back there will be cleaned up as well.

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