Sunday, March 04, 2007

BRA to Allow Flashing Signs in Seaport District

According to a recent Globe article, "BRA seeks change, in a flash", the BRA is seeking to allowing lighted, flashing signs in parts of Boston, including near the Convention Center.

Saying it wants colorful electronic marquees to create an atmosphere like Times Square in New York, the Boston Redevelopment Authority is planning to amend the city's zoning code to permit electronic signs that make "bold use of graphics" and create a sense of "animation and motion" and "images that engage the public."
The new rules would apply in the Theater District, the South Boston waterfront near the convention center, and Lansdowne Street near Fenway Park, areas that draw tourists and are considered ripe for nightlife development.
City planners said they are allowing the signs in areas seen as up- and-coming entertainment districts, like the blocks around the South Boston convention center, where nightlife has not caught up with the spate of new hotels and other development, and near Fenway Park, where the city, state, and the Boston Red Sox have been laying plans for transportation and neighborhood improvements to bring the zone to a new level.

The BRA will vote on the proposal on March 7th and the Zoning Board will hold a hearing and vote on the 28th.

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