Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gillette Special Announcement Regarding Parking Lots 8 & 9

Gillette has a scheduled hearing with the City’ Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 10:30 AM  for the reauthorization of Parking Lot 8 and 9 as an ancillary use on the Campus in South Boston. The reauthorization requires a Conditional Use Permit and an Article 27P IPOD Permit, both of which require ZBA approval.

It is our [Gillette's] understanding that the Fort Point Neighborhood Association will not have another regularly scheduled meeting until January* (Please see the December 2nd save the date footnote from the FPNA.) Gillette prefers to keep the ZBA hearing as scheduled, yet we want our neighbors to be informed, and to have a chance for input. To that end we are providing this information for the FPNA to distribute to members and interested parties. Since the application in front of the ZBA does not change anything, but allows for the use of parking of 170 vehicles (88 spaces in lot #8 and 82 spaces in lot #9) to continue, we are hoping that community questions and input may be addressed through an e-mail or telephone process. We would be happy to meet informally or at a special meeting if there is significant interest.
The site plans above show the location of Lots 8 & 9. These lots have been used for parking for around 50 years. Around 3 years ago, when staffing levels were reduced, local construction generated a need for parking. Gillette has used the lots for ancillary parking over that time. Parking continues to be an issue in South Boston and the Fort Point Neighborhood. We believe that the continued operation of Lots 8 & 9 provides some relief to the ongoing parking demands. As a continuation of an existing use:
  • No physical alterations or curb cuts are required;
  • No new traffic will be generated on A Street.
  • Lots 8 & 9 will not be open to the general public; spaces will be leased to businesses across A Street.
  • There will be no increase in the number of cars parked.
Written comments or questions may be sent to Ken Fields, Gillette's Senior Project Manager at Fort Point Associates, Inc. The Fort Point Neighborhood Association requests that if you are interested in a special community meeting to copy the FPNA on your correspondence. 
* In lieu of FPNA's November & December meetings, the FPNA is hosting a neighborhood Holiday Social on Tuesday, December 2nd. Please save the date.

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